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“Celia fought tooth and nail for me like a pro-boxer. “ - L. Brown


With over two decades of legal experience, Celia Sunne knows the key to the success of your case. Read below and you will see why hiring Sunne Law will be the smartest decision you make with regard to you claim and your future.

“Celia was so concerned with my cases, I could just feel a certain trust inside that kept growing. It is obvious to me that my employer could not care less about me or my pain, but through the help of Celia I found a great doctor that I still use today. She also kept telling me we would get through it together and we did.”

“Ms. Sunne helped in so many ways with the many problems that came up while I was going through this. Whether it was family, job issues, or medical, I could call with any questions I needed help with.”

“I was not happy with my settlement and Celia went back and forth with me and my employer’s attorneys until I got a settlement I could live on.”

“Whenever I call I speak with my lawyer or the paralegal. If I leave a message they always call me back. I would not hesitate to refer anyone who needs a tough lawyer to Sunne Law.”

“My case should speak for itself. When I got hurt in 1999 I turned to Celia for help. When I got hurt again in 2003 it never crossed my mind to use a different lawyer.”

“Celia fought tooth and nail for me like a pro boxer. Don’t let her small stature fool you.”

“It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you for the past 2½ years. I can say without reservation you have been a light in the midst of the darkness I was going through… You are truly one in a million and I cannot tell you how thankful I am you were my attorney and how it was a stroke of luck that I met you.”

“My attorney Ms. Sunne would personally call me to find out how I am feeling and then would explain things to me and provide encouragement when I was down. Before I met her I had to pay for all of my expenses. When she took over my case my money was reimbursed. If not for her I might not have anything because my employer cared less. They were there for me throughout the case, gave me hope and fought to make sure that I got what was due to me. Ms. Sunne is my superhero.”

“Ms. Sunne went above and beyond her service in ensuring my rights would be taken care of. She gave me all the information I needed to get better and set me up with good doctors. She always returned my phone calls and was respectful. Ms. Sunne is a great attorney and I will tell everyone about her and her firm.”


“Ms. Sunne was honest and up front about everything. She worked for the client, not the paycheck.  She kept me in the loop as the case progressed and cared about me, how I was doing and fought hard for a great settlement.”

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