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Atlanta Workplace Back Injuries

• Sep 26th, 2013
Back Pain at Work

Back Pain at Work

Back injuries and back pain from related injuries make up the majority of workers’ compensation claims. Back pain is often times the result of a work-related injury caused by lifting something the wrong way or falling. Sometimes injuries to knees can upset the injured worker’s gait causing them to lose their balance. An aching back can be very frustrating and exhausting. Below are a few tips to help you manage and/or prevent back pain while at work and limit the use of narcotic pain medication.

Do Not Slouch! Whether standing or sitting, be aware of your posture. Sitting for sustained periods of time puts too much pressure on the discs and joints in your back. It is recommended to get up from your chair once an hour, walk around every half-hour. Stretch your arms to the ceiling, do some lunges and limber up, roll your head from side to side to stretch your neck and shoulders.

It is recommended sitting back at a 135 degree angle allowing your muscles to relax. Position your monitor so you can hold your head straight with your feet resting lightly on the floor.

Use caution and sense if your job involves heavy lifting. Be conscious of the way you are moving your body. When you bend or lift something, use your knees and stomach muscles, hold the object close to your body and lift with your leg muscles. Look up at the ceiling and lift straight up using your leg muscles making sure to not bend forward.

Train your core muscles to support themselves therefore reducing the stress on the injured muscles. Gym machines and exercises that target the back and bikram yoga area are necessary to strengthen the muscles needed to support the spine.

Back injuries can linger and become very discouraging. Preventative care to avoid back problems is always ideal, however If you, like so many workers, suffer from a back injury or back pain it is important to seek professional treatment before it gets worse.



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