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Big Changes To Georgia Workers Compensation Mileage Law

• May 14th, 2013

My last blog discussed the changes in an injured workers’ medical benefits as of July 1, 2013.  Other changes will affect the injured worker as well.  One positive change is the workers’ compensation mileage reimbursement benefit.  An injured worker has a right to be paid a mileage expense for his or her trips to and from authorized treatment providers.  This expense includes mileage to and from authorized doctors, physical therapy, diagnostic testing centers, etc.

Reimbursement Rate For Workers Compensation Mileage

Rule 203 allows an injured employee to be reimbursed by the insurance company at the rate of 40 cents per mile for workers compensation mileage.  Therefore, if you drive a 1,000 miles to and from your doctor over the course of a year, you would be entitled to a travel reimbursement of $ 400 for worker’s compensation mileage.

Please note, workers compensation mileage reimbursement must be claimed within 1 year.  So, do not wait until the end of your case to then claim reimbursement for the mileage you traveled to and from medical appointments.  You should turn in your workers compensation mileage reimbursement sheets to the adjuster periodically throughout your claim.  At Sunne Law we ask our clients to send the reimbursement form to us so that we can track when it is sent to the adjuster and when it is due to be paid.


With The New Workers Compensation Mileage  Law, Mileage Must Be Paid In 15 Days

Currently the insurance company must pay the workers compensation mileage reimbursement within 30 days of its submission.  If the insurance company does not pay within 30 days a penalty of 10% is owed to the injured worker if the mileage is paid between 30 and 60 days.  After 60 days the insurance company will have to pay a penalty of 20% directly to the injured worker.

After June 30, 2013 the insurance company will only have 15 days to pay the mileage after it is submitted.  After fifteen days penalties will be due.   This change allows the injured worker a faster turn-around for reimbursement of the mileage he or she travels.  Waiting 30 days has been an economic hardship for the injured workers and this change will hopefully ease some of the financial strain a worker experiences while seeking medical care after he or she suffers an injury on the job.

Workers Compensation Mileage reimbursement is just another aspect of the workers’ compensation claim that we handle for our clients.   At Sunne Law we believe that the injured worker has enough to worry about so the more we can handle for them with regard to their claim the more time he or she has to focus on healing from the work injury.  If you would like to know more about your rights or have any questions about your claim please call us for a free consultation.






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