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SuperThoughts – Things Can and Will Change

• Aug 18th, 2011

Worker's Compensation Lawyer GA

We are in the heat of the summer.  The temperatures in July crested to 100 degrees, record heat.  After several months of extreme heat, we really feel the dread of the next day, the next hot day, and we wonder when it will actually end.  The heat affects our mood, energy, outlook, and our interactions with people.  We feel fussy and impatient.  My clients have the added frustration of being in pain and feeling trapped, not only by the heat but by the workers’ compensation system.  It is hard to maintain a positive outlook.

Then one day in September we wake up and step outside to the first bit of coolness in the air.  The sky starts to look different and we know that everything is about to change.  The heat is moving on as we pass from the summer to the fall.  Our spirit changes as we sense the change, the tinge of coolness.  In these moments of extreme heat our misery would be eased if we would just remember…

that the heat will pass, the temperature will change.  The same is true for the unhappiness my clients feel, trapped in the workers’ compensation system, living with the pain of physical injury.  Just like the seasons will change, their circumstances will change also.  Change is one of the most powerful truths in this world.  It is inevitable.

Remembering this truth, that change is inevitable, can help us recreate our experience in this blistering weather, in this injury, in this workers’ compensation claim or whatever the situation. The heat will change.  Your injury will heal.  You will not always be stuck in the workers’ compensation system. Just as the blistering summer, the leaves that are dry and scolded on the trees will be freed to fall weather.  Spring will bring new weather, new leaves, new life and a new beginning.   What is true in nature is true in your life. When your current circumstance is just too much, seek refuge in this truth that this too will pass.


– Another Super Thought from a Superhero Lawyer, Celia Sunne, Sunne Law

photos from: sashaw and superfantastic


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