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Lump Sum Advances

• Oct 18th, 2013

If you are injured at work in Georgia and are receiving workers’ comp benefits, it might be difficult to make ends meet. The state of Georgia’s workers’ compensation insurance for temporary total disability pays 2/3 of your pre-injury wage with a cap of $525 per week. For many people this can make life quite difficult. Fortunately, there are a few options that may relieve some of the burden.

One option is to apply for a loan and borrow against your future permanent impairment rating, future settlement or future verdict. There are several companies that offer this type of very high interest loan. This option is not recommended and should only be used if you are facing a dire financial situation such as losing your home or another situation that must be addressed quickly. Typically you will owe close to twice the amount you borrow after interest and fees are added to the total.

Another, better option is to request a lump sum advance on your future permanent partial disability (PPD) rating. You can visit Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation website and fill out a form WC-25. You are required to have been on temporary total disability (TTD) benefits for 26 weeks (or 6 months) in order to qualify for this option. Typically the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster (or attorney) will agree to this as long as your request is reasonable when compared to your injury and likely PPD rating.

If the worker’s compensation insurance adjuster does not grant your request, you can file the form WC-25 with Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ compensation, then wait 15 days for the other side’s objection. You will be notified if the Administrative Law Judge grants you an advance. If you have questions about Georgia’s workers’ compensation law related to lump sum advances you should contact an attorney.


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