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Shoulder and Knee Work Injuries in Atlanta

• Sep 28th, 2013

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder and knee injuries are common occurrences in the workplace, especially if the work is physically demanding. It is important to have a clear understanding of the injury you are dealing with and seek appropriate medical attention. Injuries to shoulders and knees can be classified in one of two categories: acute injuries and overuse injuries.

Acute injuries occur suddenly, like from a direct blow, a fall or abnormal twisting or bending. Some common acute injuries to the knee include sprained or strained ligaments or tendons, torn meniscus, torn ACL or MCL, fracture and dislocation. A few common acute shoulder injuries include bruises, sprained or strained muscles, ligaments or tendons, injured nerves, separation, torn rotator cuff, fracture and dislocation. These injuries can be very painful and usually cause bruising and swelling. Acute injuries must be evaluated by a medical doctor immediately. An untreated injury can lead to long-term complications.

Overuse injuries to the knee and shoulder are often associated with the workplace. Many jobs require repetitive movements which can damage joints. With overuse injuries the symptoms come on gradually. Some common overuse knee injuries include bursitis, tendinitis or tendonosis, plica syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome. A few examples of overuse injuries to the shoulder include bursitis, tendonitis or tendonosis, strained muscles, frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome.

A wide variety of symptoms are associated with both types of knee and shoulder injuries. As with acute injuries, overuse injuries also require a professional medical diagnosis. A medical evaluation usually consists of a physical examination and usually an x-ray or MRI. Issues or injuries with these two major joints should not go unattended or will lead to possibly permanent, life-long problems and will likely worsen over time. To find out if your injury is the responsibility of your employer you should contact an injury attorney today.




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