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Slip and Fall Accidents Atlanta Workers’ Comp

• Aug 23rd, 2013

People can slip and fall in a wide variety of public and private locations. Many slip and fall accidents could be avoided if proper safety measures are taken to maintain safe environments. Each year, roughly one million people in the United States end up in the emergency room after  slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents are most likely to occur when a building is not maintained in a safe and effective way. Some of the most common causes or reasons for slip-and-fall accidents include; broken railings, wet or slippery floors, icy roads or sidewalks, uneven pavement or surfaces, cracks or holes in the floor or ground, exposed cables and insufficient lighting.

When a slip and fall accident occurs, the cost of medical bills and other damages can be very high. The burden is on the injured victim to prove that the person responsible for the premises should be held liable for the injury. Under Georgia law, property owners and occupiers have an obligation to their visitors or patrons to do their best to ensure that the property is reasonably safe. The laws state that the property owner’s obligation to you is dictated by the reason you were on the property. For example, if you are trespassing , you do not have a lot of rights. Customers at a store are considered “invitees” because they were invited to visit the store to benefit the owner. Store owners have the highest obligation to ensure safety.acc

In order to win a slip-and-fall case you will be required to establish what your status on the premises was. Further, you will need to prove that the property owner was more careless than they should have been. You must be able to show that you did not knowingly enter an obviously dangerous situation. In some cases you may have to argue your case in court. The help of an attorney can be very beneficial in helping find expert witnesses and gather evidence to help prove your case.

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