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Sunne Law – Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

• Aug 1st, 2013

Being injured is not only traumatic but it can affect the rest of your life, mentally, physically and financially. The insurance companies are big businesses whose sole purpose is to make huge profits by collecting premiums from their policyholder’s and trying not to pay much money out on claims. They will therefore, attempt to avoid paying any form of compensation by denying your claim.  For many people this has created significant and lasting problems in their lives.  Don’t let it happen to you!

Celia Sunne- A personal injury attorney you can trust


Sunne Law, has experienced and established litigators who have handled a wide and varied range of personal injury claims.  Sunne Law’s lawyers have represented clients who have suffered various injuries caused by negligence in an auto accident or involving:


  • Personal accident
  • Trucks and semi-trailers
  • Boating accidents
  • RV associated accidents
  • Motorcycles and others
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

The injury lawyers at Sunne Law have built a reputation for fighting tooth and nail for clients for the compensation they deserve through accidents and resulting injuries that were not their fault and were sustained through the negligence of other parties or events!
Through years of experience and dedication, Sunne Law has a powerful and effective presence in a court of law, confident advocates with the stature and presence that demands attention by the insurance company to their client’s case, particularly in any mediation situations.  Sunne Law’s proven results as a winner and recognized care for clients and concern for their circumstances exert a balance that has a positive influence for clients personally and in court.

Sunne Law- Work Injury Attorney


Specializing in the litigation aspects concerning insurance companies; if you have sustained injury and have been denied compensation in any form, or medical care, Sunne Law is there to help you!

The founder and senior partner of Sunne Law, the foremost worker’s compensation attorneys in Atlanta, is Celia Sunne (pronounced “sunny”). This name reflects her attitude towards her clients and the positive manner with which she conducts herself. Her legal team members are instilled with the same type of client empathy and motivation towards getting the best possible results for their clients.

Celia Sunne is a lawyer, born and bred.  Originating from a family of lawyers, it was a natural process for her to follow that path.  For more than twenty-four years, Celia has represented the rights of injured workers.  It is an inherent instinct for her to want to support the rights of her clients against the might of the insurance industry.  She has achieved recognition as not only an excellent and tough lawyer but also, one who is a compassionate counsellor.

As a victim of personal injury or a work injury you need the best possible legal representation and that legal representation should not only be a tough and experienced lawyer but also someone who is representing you as a person and has the empathy to understand the moral support that you will need during this difficult time.  If you want individual attention, if you want to actually talk to your lawyer, if you want the best possible outcome for your case physically, mentally and monetarily then call Sunne Law.  Hire a lawyer that will listen, fight and care!


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