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What Can You Do If You Are Not Happy With Your Lawyer

• Jul 11th, 2013

Do you find yourself in this situation?  You have hired a lawyer to represent you in your work injury claim but you have grown frustrated with the lawyer and feel that he or she is not doing the best job possible for you.  There are various reasons why people become disenchanted with their lawyer.  Quite often it is because the lawyer does not return calls and does not keep the client abreast of what is going in his or her case.  The workers’ compensation system is complicated and confusing for the injured worker.  You hire a lawyer so that you will know your rights at each step of the way during your claim. Part of the service the lawyer is providing is advising the client about the process.   If your lawyer will not speak with you and advise you of your rights and address your concerns then you are not getting the best representation.

You Can Terminate Your Lawyer And Hire Another Lawyer

Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation system you can terminate your attorney and hire another attorney and it will not cost you any additional fees.  The law dictates that the injured worker cannot be charged attorney’s fees of any more than 25% of the settlement.  If you terminate your attorney and hire another the former attorney will file a lien for the time he spent on the case.  When your case settles the prior attorney and your current attorney will share the 25% fee.  You will not have to pay more than a total 25% of your settlement to the lawyers for their combined fee.

Lack Of Communication Is One Of The Biggest Reasons Clients Are Not Happy With Their Lawyer

When a person calls who is disgruntled with his or her lawyer it is usually because of lack of communication. I encourage the person to make every effort to sit down with their attorney and discuss the dissatisfaction before just terminating his or her services.  If, after talking to the attorney, you still do not feel that you are getting the legal service that you deserve then you can terminate the attorney by sending a letter stating your intent.  Make sure the letter is dated and that you keep a copy of the 4

Changing Lawyers Is Not A Decision That Should Be Made Without Great Consideration

It is important to give your attorney the benefit of doubt but if you are still convinced that you are not getting the best representation for your work injury claim then you should find another lawyer.  The attorney cannot send you a bill.  He or she can only file a lien for the services provided.  Remember 25% of your settlement is all that can be charged plus any expenses advanced by the attorney, such as payment of medical records, deposition transcripts, etc.  Changing attorneys is not a decision that should be made without great consideration.  A new lawyer will have to play catch-up for a bit, especially if the case is in litigation.  Be leery of any attorney that promises you the moon or that gives you a settlement value during your initial consultation.

You have a right to change lawyers and you should if your best interest is not being considered at every step of your workers’ compensation claim.  Call Sunne Law if you are looking for a great lawyer.  Visit our website to see why.


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