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3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer

• Apr 1st, 2013

People are hurt on their jobs every day in Georgia. Employers with more than three employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance that will cover a worker if he or she has an accident and suffers an injury that arises out of their employment. Many people feel that they can handle their claim themselves but this is almost always a mistake. Here are three reasons why you need an atlanta workers comp lawyer to handle your claim in Georgia.

1. You Need To Hire An Atlanta Workers Comp Lawyer Because Of Lack of Knowledge

Whenever you are injured on the job, you will find yourself dealing with an insurance adjuster that cares more about getting you back to work than making sure you receive the best medical treatment for your injury. You have certain rights under Georgia Workers’ Compensation law but it is not in the best interest of the insurance company to advise you of your rights. Remember the adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you! In order to get the best medical care and to obtain optimal healing you need to know your legal rights. An Atlanta workers comp lawyer can advise you of your rights.  The insurance company has lawyers representing their interest best interests, why shouldn’t you have an Atlanta workers comp lawyer representing yours.  You should too. It’s just a matter of equaling the playing field.  Importantly, Georgia’s law requires that certain steps be taken when filing a claim such as filing certain forms and adhering to time limits. These are essential and cannot be overlooked because failure to adhere to these prescribed rules may result in the claim being barred forever.  These are the things an Atlanta workers comp lawyer can help you with.

2. Atlanta Workers Comp Lawyers Have Experience

Look, the reality is that an injury on the job may be a once in a lifetime thing for you. You will find yourself in a strange world, being told by an insurance company where to go for medical treatment and what you can expect to receive monetarily. You won’t have a person who knows the system that you can go to for reliable information. You will be expected to trust the information yoiu are receiving from the insurance adjuster but you won’t really feel at ease about what you are being told.

An Atlanta workers comp lawyers such as Sunne Law have the experience in dealing with workers who have been injured on their jobs. As we represent many of these clients on a daily basis, we know how to ensure that you get the maximum benefits provided by worker’s compensation. No stone will be left unturned as our aim is to ensure that you are fully represented and that you received all benefits that you are entitled to.

3. Hiring An Atlanta Workers Comp Lawyer Costs You Nothing

Interesting to note and not known by many, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia by law cannot charge you a fee for representation unless he or she was able to recover benefits for you from your worker’s compensation claim. Therefore, if your claim was unsuccessful, the workers’ compensation lawyer cannot charge you.
When you hire an Atlanta workers comp lawyer  such as Sunne Law, we will ask you to sign a fee contract, which is to be filed with the Georgia State Board. The fees we charge are subject to approval from the State Workers Compensation Board. The Board will not approve fees in excess of 25% of your awarded settlement or weekly income benefits. Additionally, your workers’ compensation lawyer is not entitled to fees from the recovery of medical expenses.
Georgia’s law governs our fees. Essentially, if you recover than we recover. So, why would you not put an experienced lawyer, an advocate for your rights working for you?
All in all, if your need legal advice, you should consult Sunne Law. The above information is not specific legal advice but a general description of issues related to workers’ compensation representation. Each case is different. No two cases are alike even if the injury seems to be the same. You need an Atlanta workers comp lawyer to advise you of your rights and to develop a strategy for your particular and unique case.
If you have been injured on the job do not delay in hiring a lawyer. Call Sunne Law and put a superhero lawyer to work for you.




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