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What is Medical Malpractice?

• Sep 8th, 2013

Incidents of medical malpractice, or negligence, in the medical field are, unfortunately unavoidable. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and medical staff have the responsibility to treat and heal us to the best of their ability when we require medical attention and care. In the healthcare field, a widely accepted standard of care is expected of healthcare providers. When a healthcare provider deviates from this standard, it is referred to as medical malpractice. This type of professional negligence occurs by either act or omission, either by pe


rforming the wrong procedure or by failing to do something necessary. In either case, the provided treatment falls below the accepted standard of practice. Results of medical malpractice and error can range from a reversible inconvenience to death or permanent disfigurement or damage. A few examples of errors made in hospitals and other medical facilities include: administering the wrong dosage or wrong medication; leaving surgical objects inside the patient’s body after surgery; misdiagnosis (one of the most common); operating on the wrong part of the body; staph infections, which can potentially be fatal; and pressure ulcers (bedsores).

According to the American Association of Justice, deaths caused by medical malpractice or preventable medical errors, rank number six in the list of leading causes of death in America. Proceeded only by heart disease, cancer, stroke,

respiratory disease and unintentional injuries resulting from accidents. It is estimated that as many as 98,000 people die each year due to preventable medical errors.

Litigation of medical malpractice cases are generally considered some of the most difficult to handle. Whether they are the result of poor communication, bad practice or even neglect, their inherent complexities, from a legal standpoint, require extensive knowledgeable and familiar with both medical and legal matter. Celia Sunne and her team of experts are eager to help you and your family through this difficult matter. Contact Sunne Law, Superhero Lawyers today for FREE Initial Consultation.




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