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Five Characteristics Of A Good Lawyer

• Jul 17th, 2013

Finding a good lawyer when you need one is not an easy task

Lawyers are a dime a dozen but finding a good lawyer when you need one is not an easy task.  Most people have never had to hire a lawyer and then when the need arrives they are not sure where to go or how to find the best lawyer.  If you know a lawyer ask the lawyer for help in finding a good lawyer who practices in the area that you need representation.  Ask your friends for a recommendation.  Once you receive recommendations, research the lawyer online, read about them on their website and then, most importantly, interview them.  Choosing a good lawyer to fight for your rights is an important decision and one that you do not want to regret.

Look for the following five characteristics when choosing a good lawyer.


The lawyer you hire must have integrity in all aspects of his or her practice.  He or she must have integrity in dealing with you and with the opposing side.  Integrity is about consistency, consistency of values and actions.  If your lawyer says he or she has taken an action then you must be able to trust that they have done as they have said.  Saying one thing and doing another or not doing anything it all is not integrity.  Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is integrity of a good lawyer.


If you cannot trust what your lawyer is telling you then you have hired the wrong lawyer.  If a friend refers you to a lawyer that they have used then you can rely on your friend’s experience with this lawyer.  You can also use your own intuition when you meet with the lawyer.  Does he or she look you in the eye when talking to you?  A good lawyer will always be honest with you.

Knowledge and Skill

A good lawyer the will have knowledge and skills in order to provide you with the best legal representation.  Sure we learn a great deal in law school but experience gives a good lawyer the skills to win against the other side.   The attorney you hire needs to have been in practice long enough to have developed tactics and skills, both of which come from experience in the courtroom not the classroom.


A good lawyer must be strong and tough when it is necessary.  Being a bully is never appropriate but dealing with the bully attorney is often necessary.  Many attorneys practice by trying to intimidate.  A good lawyer never resorts to those tactics but has the strength to deal with those types of lawyers.

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You want a good lawyer who actually cares, not just about scoring another case but about your case, about your best interest.   Pay attention during your initial meeting.  Does he or she listen to you before interjecting?  Are they communicating with you or trying to rush you in and out?  Do they ask you compassionate questions as well as practical ones?  A good lawyer will always be understanding and compassionate about what you are going through.

If you need to hire a good lawyer call Sunne Law.  If we can not help you we will recommendation to a good lawyer who practices with Tough Advocacy and Compassionate Counseling.


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